What Are The Uses Of Saving Money In The Bank

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Making money is when you use your own time and energy and a bit of creativity once, and obtain paid over and over and once again. Making money puts you within the driver’s seat. It allows you to be independent, not contingent somebody else controlling your wealth potential on a regular basis.

FDIC Insurance

save money in bank

Remember the scene from It’s an exquisite Life where there’s a run on the bank?

If you’ve got money within the bank within the sort of a typical checking, savings, market , or CD account, that money is backed by FDIC Insurance from the U.S. federal government. that means that even if the bank fails, your money remains safe.

Online Bill Pay

Have you used online bill pay? If you’ve got a nasty habit of waiting until the last minute to pay the bills (only to seek out that you’ve run out of stamps), this might be the right solution.

Most bills are often paid through your bank just by fixing your bill pay information right online. Once you get past the setup, plugging within the numbers and clicking send makes bill paying day easier than ever. And fewer checks, stamps, and envelopes to buy is more money saved.


If you store all of your money under your mattress, you’re in danger of losing it. Theft, fire, and natural disasters are a number of the ways you’ll break down all.


It’s true that the majority accounts pay little or no interest lately . But if you look, you’ll still find banks that pay you interest. Why walk off from free money?

Check with your local credit unions to ascertain what proportion interest they pay on savings accounts. repeatedly you’ll find a far better rate at a depository financial institution than a commercial bank .

You can also open an account at a web bank. Many of those banks are tied to master-card companies, but they work an equivalent as the other bank account . you’ll use local ATMs to access this money, but sometimes it’s easier if you’ve got an area bank account open that you simply can link to a web savings account.


Have you ever been out and wished you had a touch more cash? Maybe you found the deal of a lifetime on something you’ve always wanted. or even your car broke down and you would like to pay the tow car .

Whatever circumstance you face, during a ll|one amongst|one in every of”> one among the advantages of saving money in a bank is that you simply can grab money once you need it. There are ATMs nearly everywhere you go. If you don’t have a checking account , you can’t the foremost “> cash in of those magic machines that spit money out once you need it the most.

Record Keeping

Whether you’re filing taxes or trying to recollect whether you paid a bill, having a record of your payments may be a good thing. I like better to keep the bank as a middle man between me and therefore the bill charging companies. Most of the time we don’t have any problems. But when there’s a dispute, it’s nice to be ready to produce proof that you simply made that payment.

And with numerous things available online, you’ll easily access those records from anywhere. Plus, no got to clutter your home keeping years worth of statements, receipts, and cancelled checks.

Diversifying Your Cash

With of these arguments, would I suggest you retain all of your money during a bank? Not necessarily. Having cash available reception is additionally an honest idea. You never know when the local ATM are going to be down. Emergencies of all sorts happen. It’s good to possess take advantage a couple of different locations.

And even reception , I’d recommend keeping take advantage different forms. Invest in extra food (assuming you’ve got the space to store it). Have smaller bills and bigger bills so you don’t need to flash $100s whenever you create a sale .


Savings accounts are one among the foremost liquid investments. Your money is quickly available. If this is often important to you, saving money during a bank would be a far better option than investing within the stock exchange .


Storing your money during a bank is far and away the simplest thanks to save. For one thing, it’s user-friendly. you’ll found out automatic transfers from your checking to a bank account , it’s effortless to instantly withdraw money from your savings, and it’s easy to trace where your money is at.

Another advantage of linking the 2 is you protect yourself from overdraft fees. If you overdraw on your bank account , an automatic transfer from savings to checking will happen to stay your checking in positive territory.

Safety of money

A bank keeps your money untouched. within the stock exchange , there’s always the danger of stocks doing poorly and you losing money instead of gaining. Your profits could also be low while saving through a bank, but you’re not taking the risks of losing large sums of cash through your bank account .

Short Term Savings

Saving up for trips, down payments or expensive items that you simply foresee buying within the immediate future can easily be done. you’ll save quickly during a bank account through your bank, then immediately withdraw the cash when the time comes. for brief term savings, this is often the thanks to go.

Emergency funds/cushion

If you save your money during a bank, you’ll have immediate access if there’s ever an emergency. If your car breaks down, don’t sweat it. Just pull a number of your savings directly . This is also handy if you would like a cushion within your budget during a troublesome month. there’s less to stress over once you know that you simply have a back-up plan that’s easy to access.

What Are The Uses Of Saving Money In The Bank

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