The Best Ways To Save Money In Nepal

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Making money is when you use your own time and energy and a bit of creativity once, and obtain paid over and over and once again . Making money puts you within the driver’s seat. It allows you to be independent, not contingent somebody else controlling your wealth potential on a regular basis.

Paypal in Nepal is a BIG problem

Paypal is one among the foremost used payment gateway that’s used everywhere the planet to send and receive money. But when it involves Nepal, it’s one frustrating incontrovertible fact that Paypal doesn’t simply support our country, Nepal.

make money in nepal

How to receive money from Paypal in Nepal?

First thing first, how can we even get a Paypal account? Reach bent your friends and relatives who reside abroad in those countries where Paypal works very fine. Ask them to make an account for you under their name and verify it.

Please confirm you’ve got a verified Paypal account and everything should work fine for you. Don’t follow the opposite unwanted ways to verify the account otherwise you may find yourself losing your hard-earned money also because the account.

How to withdraw money from Paypal?

Your Paypal account has got to be linked with a checking account (your friend’s or relatives’ checking account under whose the Paypal account is created). you’ll transfer your Paypal funds to the checking account , which takes normally 3-5 working days. Once the cash makes it to the bank, you’ll have it sent to you via wire, IME, Western Union, etc.

Another alternative is to see with Nepali Internet Marketing groups on Facebook. There are people that are in need of funds on their Paypal accounts and can offer you take advantage exchange. Please take proper measures to remain faraway from the scammers. i’m not related to the any of the groups and that i am not liable for anything if you get scammed.

Learn how to earn money online in Nepal

I have included the foremost commonly used and proven methods employed by the people in Nepal who are earning regular money from the web . The list are going to be updated with time as I discover more methods that really works.

1. How to earn Money from Facebook/YouTube in Nepal?

We all are on Facebook and YouTube. I even have been asked a couple of times “How do I make money from Facebook and YouTube in Nepal?”

Facebook: Create a page. you’ll create the page on Travel, Humor or Anything. get older an audience and keep your audience working on your page. once you have a page followers of above 50K you’ll sell it.

you can reach bent local stores and offer them an advertising deal through your page. Let’s say you’ve got an enticing page with 50 thousands followers on your page that gives information about different places of Nepal. you’ll contact the hotels, café, resorts, etc. around those places and offer them some advertisement deals on your page. you set up a post on your page pitching about their services or offers and you get purchased that.

You can also use this method with Instagram. you’ll charge your clients for a shoutout or a append if you’ve got an Instagram accounts with big followers.
Remember: you would like to possess an enticing audience base. nobody wants to spend money on services that don’t give anything reciprocally

YouTube: Start a channel. you’ll start with anything that you simply realize . Nepali Guitar Lesson, Song Cover, Dance cover, Prank videos, Reviews or video logs are different ideas that you simply can start on YouTube. once you have an honest number of followers you’ll put up some advertisement deals with local businesses. you’ll promote your client’s business in your videos.

2. Data Entry

For beginners, this might be the great job. This job doesn’t pay you much except for beginners it’s a sort of job to urge started. you would like a legitimate social media profile in order that you’ll make money using Free clicks. You get walk in the park to try to to like Website signup, Facebook/YouTube Likes, Comments, Sharing etc.
Blogging: this is often one among the simplest way of creating money. Blogging is super easy. There are different platforms for blogging a bit like Blogger, WordPress etc. you would like to settle on right name , good hosting with proper themes. But, to succeed it takes a while .

3. Guest Writing

Guest Writing is one among the foremost popular way of creating money. you’ll find different website regarding Guest Writing. you would like to possess proper knowledge on specific domain before doing their jobs in order that you’ll be trusted for future works and observe relation.

4. Writing and Selling e-books

If you’re good at writing then you’ll sell your eBook and make money. Student who are good at research have always good opportunity of creating money by writing e-book. you’ll publish your books in several websites quoting your price. Amazon is an ultimate book selling website.

5. Creating App/Software

This is more complex part because it is technical part. to make app or software you would like to possess prior technical knowledge in Programming like Java, PHP, Python etc. But very first thing is that you simply need a correct research in order that you come up with a thought which will be sold within the market.

6. Offer Gigs of Fiverr

If you’ve got some kinds of skills then it’s an honest opportunity to sell gigs on Fiverr. you’ll offer with starting price of $5 per job on Fiverr. for instance , you’ll offer Web Design, Development, SEO Courses etc.

The Best Ways To Save Money In Nepal

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