The Best Ways To Invest Money In Singapore

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Making money is when you use your own time and energy and a bit of creativity once, and obtain paid over and over and once again . Making money puts you within the driver’s seat. It allows you to be independent, not contingent somebody else controlling your wealth potential on a regular basis.

Start an E-Commerce Site and Sell Products

If you are not into providing online solutions or tools to clients, then setting an e-commerce site might be your best kick. fixing a virtual shop nowadays is easy because of a myriad of tools like Shopify that creates it easier to make a store in but three days. With e-commerce sites, make sure you build a reputable and reliable brand that trades in quality and affordable items.

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Though one among the oldest methods of creating money online, its fruits cheat after a brief time if you simply use the proper market prices. Many digital entrepreneurs have sustainable e-commerce sites. With these virtual sites, it’s best to make your products or purchase low-cost products from foreign countries and repackage or refurbish them and sell to consumers at a profit.

But it’s an honest idea to make your products as you’ll enjoy more profits than once you buy from other retailers. However, product-based businesses are risky, and high costs are starting them, not mentioning the possible legal and operation fees. Instead, if you’ve got less capital, thrive by selling an already popular product which other e-commerce sites are selling. Here, provided you market your products well to the proper audience, you’ll enjoy success during a short time in Singapore. Besides, most of the people nowadays prefer shopping online than physically trying to find products.

Become a web Coach

In Singapore, many purchasers are trying to find experts who have extensive knowledge in some fields. you’ll cash in of this trend and begin marketing your freelance services. That is, if you’re an expert during a specific niche, then you’ll find plenty of clients in Singapore who are willing to buy your services and time.

eToro – CopyTrading With many Annoying Ads

Disclaimer: eToro isn’t regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, but your deposits are still protected by sound international institutions like FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia) or CySEC (Cyprus). this suggests the standard deposit insurance of $75,000 SGD isn’t effective once you trade with non-MAS regulated eToro.

The annoying ads you see on Facebook and YouTube do no justice to the unique point of eToro. Just to be clear, “No knowledge about investing and trading? It’s fine” isn’t fine in the least .

Nonetheless, eToro has definitely made it simple for newbies who want to urge a slice of the pie and learn the trades of trading (does this pun qualify?).

All you’ve got to do is copy verified top traders within the market and your account will mimic an equivalent trade performance as they need , as long as you copy with the proper minimum amount. These traders also post regularly on their social feeds in order that you’ll hear their thoughts, and perhaps learn a thing or two.


A survey site which you’ll access on all platforms. There’s an app for it here (iPhone) or here (Android). Toluna may be a mini community-based platform with the key function of phone devices being public polls and random surveys. You earn within the sort of points whenever you complete a survey and these points are often wont to redeem attractive prizes, starting from PayPal cash to Capitaland vouchers. Occasionally, polls also reward you with points too. The interesting thing about this platform is that you simply can create surveys yourself too, quite sort of a free tool for social experiments where you’ll obtain alittle pool of results on what people believe a specific topic or product. This produces fast instant survey results for your polls, without having to influence people to try to to it through Whatsapp.


Remember those maternal language lessons you had in school? It’s time to place them to good use! Translation is a simple job you’ll do reception , to earn $5 to $100+ per assignment. therefore the faster you clear assignments, the more you’ll earn!

You can find assignments from freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer, or specialised platforms like Gengo and Stepes to urge started.

As with any freelance work, you would possibly want to set up a PayPal account to receive your pay too.

Graphic Design & Illustration

Love art and crafting great designs? you’ll make graphics for companies that require them! From logos to posters, each assignment can net you $10 to $300+ and build your portfolio.

Once you build an honest portfolio, you’ll start raising your rates. Clients that like your work will come to you, and begin paying you more too!

Similar to translation, you’ll find assignments on freelancing platforms. you’ll use free tools like Canva and Gimp, before eventually using paid ones like Photoshop.


Great at making stunning videos? Whether it’s film or montages, this one’s for you! There are plenty of assignments on freelancing platforms that range from adding 3D effects to making a full-blown video. Each assignment can earn you $20 to $300+. once you build a portfolio, you’ll command higher rates too.

Video-editing might require having some hardware beforehand. inspect this guide to find out more.

The Best Ways To Invest Money In Singapore

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