The Best Ways To Invest Money In Germany

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Making money is when you use your own time and energy and a bit of creativity once, and obtain paid over and over and once again . Making money puts you within the driver’s seat. It allows you to be independent, not contingent somebody else controlling your wealth potential on a regular basis.


As i mentioned in my another article: 5 Reasons why I study in Germany, there are tons of internship opportunities in Germany, as most of the scholars would wish some internship experience so as to graduate from their university. tons of internship aren’t good paid though.

make money in Germany

I was lucky to be during a company who paid internship specialized . some time past in 2011, I got 1500 EUR net per month. (nowadays they pay 1700 EUR net). I heard that tons of other companies pay only a couple of hundred EUR, or maybe unpaid. for a few other big international company, they’ll pay around 1000 EUR, which is taken into account to be pretty ok paid.

With that said, internship is certainly how to earn some money to survive. That was a game changer on behalf of me . i used to be such a lot more relieved and didn’t got to starve myself any longer after getting my internship offer.

If you’re trying to find an internship, inspect the following pointers for employment interview in Germany which may boost your chances of getting hired.

Student add a corporation

This is a touch bit almost like internship. The difference is that for internship, you’re working sort of a full time job (full day and 5 days a week), for a limited period (can be from 3 to 12 months). tons of university programs include a semester free, to permit students to try to to the internship during that point . for a few other shorter internships (like 3 months), the scholars can roll in the hay during semester break, e.g. in summer or winter vacation between the semesters.

For student work, it’s more sort of a part time job during a company. for instance , you’ll come to the office once or twice every week , for a full day. and therefore the contract may allow you to figure for, let say, 50 or 70 days during a year. you’ll need to distribute lately during a year by coming to office once or twice every week . This allow you to earn some money also during your study semester.

Writing thesis during a company

In order to graduate from a university, students are required to write down a thesis. you’ll do that either by yourself, or with a corporation .

A lot of companies do offer thesis opportunities. Students might want to research a selected issue during a company and write on the way to tackle it. Or technically, students also can develop a software tool to enhance the method of a corporation , and write a thesis with this subject . this will really be anything as long because the company thinks that adds value.

I did write a thesis during a company after finishing my internship there. some time past in 2011, I got around 2000 EUR from the corporate for my thesis, which I wrote for one semester. So this is often not tons of cash , but it’s way better than earning nothing once I would have written my thesis reception alone .

To increase your chances, inspect also the following pointers about the way to find thesis opportunities with companies.


This is the right job if you’re well versed in English and German or the other languages together with German. Translation has become an important task as global trade has grown. most business documents, deeds, affidavits, memorandums need translation into English for circulation among international clients.

It helps if you’ve got a diploma or degree within the English or target language, but it’s not mandatory. Of course, without certification, you’d got to prove your grasp of English or the target language for translation within the first few bottom dollar projects. If your work is sweet enough, then with experience, an excellent case study portfolio, and positive client reviews, the necessity for certification fades. Some online job websites and search engines also offer you the choice to point out your skills through tests they supply . this will increase trustworthiness.

Of utmost importance is knowing that a translator translates not only words but also the spirit of the content and message a corporation or client wants to convey. Your web page , for instance , must be quite the sum of the various content parts and reflect the sentiment of the first , but with an identical cultural angle. you’ll hear the interview I conducted with my close friend Alexandra Bekavac, who may be a sworn translator in Germany.


Creating your own domain and blog is exceptionally satisfying and may pay committed bloggers handsomely. the primary step is to find out the way to start a blog, a bit like I did through WordPress and that i explain how you’ll start in only each day with the new Blog Hosting instrument panel the SeekaHost App offers.


Freelancing may be a promising and solid thanks to make money online in Germany. People all round the globe know what freelancing really is and what it’s for them. Any quite skill-based business or work that you simply do from your home are often counted as freelancing. Like, if you’re currently working as a content writer, you’re serving the freelancing industry. Therefore, you’re basic knowledge about freelancing looks extremely clear.

Selling E-books

Selling ebooks online can become a profitable way the way to make money online in Germany with less capital and time. E-books are the digitally written books that readers can interpret with the assistance of any recommended digital platform. thanks to convenience and adaptability , people have started reading ebooks more within the recent hobby.

The Best Ways To Invest Money In Germany

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