The Best Ways To Invest Money In Colombia

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Making money is when you use your own time and energy and a bit of creativity once, and obtain paid over and over and once again . Making money puts you within the driver’s seat. It allows you to be independent, not contingent somebody else controlling your wealth potential on a regular basis.

Selling freelance services

make money in colombia

on Fiverr, Upwork or Toptal. Any hardcore coding or engineering skill are often sold. But don’t worry, softer skills like building simple websites, copywriting, online marketing, logo design, portrait drawing, proofreading, translating, songwriting, jingle composing, video editing, business plan writing, etc. also are in demand.

Publish a book

using ClickBank or CreateSpace. It might be anything from a cookbook together with your granny’s recipes to an insider’s guide to Bucaramanga. Let your imagination run loose. the times when browsing an enormous publisher was necessary are long gone. inspect Steve Scott and see how he publishes mini-books (50-150 pages) with guides on the way to use Evernote, the way to exercise well and everything in between. Each book cost between $0-3 dollars. He also features a blog where he describes intimately the way to start .


due to the protectionist policies of the Colombian government, there’s an enormous local production of the many things that qualify for exportation:

  • Agricultural products like coffee, sugar, exotic fruits, avocados, quinoa or flowers.
  • Become a world distributor of Colombian brands like Leonisa underwear, Agua Bendita swimwear or Michú designer bags. These are just a couple of , there are more to settle on from. Search and you shall find.
  • Create your own product to export. Labor is reasonable and quality raw materials available. These guys are within the middle of making organic sodas. Although they decide to start selling locally, the strategy is to start exporting eventually.


The US market is that the most liquid and easiest to trade. Personally, I sell put options on stocks and collect between $1-2.000 dollars per month doing so. i exploit Interactive Brokers. they need the most cost effective commissions, but are a touch more complicated to use. For an inventory of excellent brokers, inspect Barron’s article on the topic . It’s not hard to try to to and you’ll find YouTube videos that specify the method . If you favor reading, High Income Retirement by Dr. David Eifrig Jr. offers an excellent guide and was my inspiration to urge started. The trick is to only sell put options on securities that you simply simply would really like to have at a price that you are happy to pay.

Starting A Blog

Blogging are often referred to as the simplest online work to form money in Colombia. Presently, the web becomes the simplest resource to share information across the world . Therefore, you’ll start writing the blogs for your website which will help to get potential traffic.

Once you generate the specified amount of traffic on the web site , you’ll promote the products. For that, you would like to seek out a corporation that desires to market the merchandise . As a blogger, you’ll start the work by writing on her fitness blog product reviews or more options available.


The copywriting business features a good scope within the industry will help to get an honest amount of income. it’ll help to get rewarding outcomes during a short amount of your time . you’ll become knowledgeable copywriter during which you would like to form the promotion of the merchandise or services. To do so, you’ll specialise in appropriate strategies. Once you complete the work, your pocket are going to be filled with an honest amount that you simply can receive from the client.

As a beginner, the task would be very challenging but once you become focused or make yourself ready to work as a copywriter, but you’ll generate more leads. also as, you’ll take some help from the tools or online methods that teach you.

Selling Colombia as a destination for specialty experiences

I met an American woman the opposite day who features a yoga certification retreat. Foreigners from everywhere the planet come and occupy her organic farm for up to a month at a time, taking classes and getting certified. A Danish guy sells guided motorcycle tours. Both businesses price their services in dollars. Both owners appear to be very happy within the given business environment. Your experience might be every week of river rafting in San Gil or even a week-long course on the way to do portrait painting. People love combining traveling with learning or trying out something new. That’s your opportunity.

Affiliate Marketing

Looking for dependable ways to get an additional amount of money? Affiliate marketing is that the best choice that’s close to promote the products or services of online merchants. within the process home, you’ll promote the merchandise by affiliate links at the blogging website. On there, ready to “> you’ll attract the buyers to get the merchandise otherwise you are going to be able to take a commission from clients. In easy words, you’ll promote the doctor that you simply don’t produce.

Affiliate marketing are often an excellent thanks to generate an honest amount of traffic at the house website otherwise you can improve the earning things. you’ll specialise in the strategies of promoting the merchandise by mention the link at social media platforms. lately , you’ve got endless options to post the link at social media platforms which will help make money by promoting the merchandise of merchants. it’s suggested to consult different or choose the simplest one who provides the simplest rates.

The Best Ways To Invest Money In Colombia

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