Invest $100 Regularly and Make It A Fortune In India

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Making money is when you use your own time and energy and a bit of creativity once, and obtain paid over and over and once again. Making money puts you within the driver’s seat. It allows you to be independent, not contingent somebody else controlling your wealth potential on a regular basis.

1. Buy and flip

Even the poorest of us has $500 to $5,000 of crap sitting in our closets. Those unwanted toys— the jacket you not wear, shoes that are out of favor , or that old hammer—$7.99 on eBay is best than zero. That’s how you begin building your capital.

Find out what things are worth. Research the hell out of it. Devour completed auctions on eBay to understand the worth . Become an expert in that category. Then, once you recognize your products, know the markets. Buy on Craigslist and sell on eBay. Buy some old T-shirts on eBay, and switch them around as trendy vintage tees on Etsy. patronize Goodwill or a yard sale, and flip on Facebook Marketplace.

buy and flip

But you’ve need to make the time for it. $20,170 are often easily made this year if you’re taking the 300 to 500 hours you were getting to waste reading on the bus, playing an iPhone game, or watching every sports game and apply them to learning the markets.

2. Sell or service

The best businesses to start out once you have $100 or less are either sales or service businesses. All you would like is your phone and the internet.

It might be a consulting business or selling cars, life assurance , or maybe vacuum cleaners door to door.

sell or service

These fields hone the skills which will be invaluable once you have more capital. You’ll find out how to influence , negotiate, overcome fear, and handle rejection.

In every city, someone will always hire you to do cold call, commission-only sales because there’s no risk: if you do not sell, they don’t pay you.

3. Test before you invest

Would-be entrepreneurs are afraid to start out because they’re afraid to fail. Test your idea or generate leads with 20 $5 Facebook ads—a $100 investment.

You’ll get a positive or negative response. If you get many leads that you simply can close—which usher in quite $100—roll it out from there. this provides you momentum and traction.

invest test

We call it “testing before you invest.” Spend $100 and bring in $200 to $300. Spend $1,000 and convey in $2,000 to $3,000.

This is how a typical campaign starts and rolls out. The amazing thing is that in many cases, these metrics will hold upward and beyond $100,000 every week in spending. now’s the time to start. Act now.

4. Utilize your expertise

The simplest thanks to “bootstrap” (start a corporation with minimal finances) is to spot , share, consult or teach, and scale. Take your $100, and stash it away for a rainy day. I took this path to make an eight-figure global consulting and hosting company.

First, identify a neighborhood of data that others want to understand . Consider your profession, skill, or hobby. I search for one that satisfies four criteria: passion (you care), skill (you can do it), market need (people will pay), and timing (people are trying to find it now).


Next, determine where people that need your knowledge hang around . It might be a forum, a website, a social media platform, or someplace in real world . Share your knowledge during a way that matches how people consume information. (Use your phone if you would like to form audio or videos.) Besides building a reputation and authority, use this point to refine your ideal customer and branding.

When people want more, offer your services as a consultant, teacher, or mentor. You’re trading hours for dollars, and it only scales thus far but that’s fine. Split the cash you create into thirds—for yourself, to reinvest in growth, and to store for the proper opportunity. Build your cash reserves and authority while refining your marketing research (customer needs and your offering).

Finally, scale. Raise your rates. Outsource and automate tasks that don’t match your unique gift. Hire others to show or consult for you. Create an app, course, or product that doesn’t require you to trade time for money. License your property . you’ll make the foremost of your financial gains during this phase. So, besides building and empowering your team, use this point to innovate.

5. Don’t forget service

Growing up, my dad would get laid faraway from his union construction job from time to time. One day, he bought a $100 garden tool and put up signs within the neighborhood saying: “I trim shrubs.” Folks called, and he could put food on a table for a family of seven. “Whatever it takes” was instilled in me from an early age.

My industry—horticultural landscaping—is one among the simplest businesses to start out in. It’s tons of diligence , but as my dad proved, it’s low entry (plus, you get a free workout).


The best thanks to beat up business with a zero marketing budget is to service the crap out of existing clients. Give them FedEx speed and Ritz Carlton service—it won’t cost you to be faster and nicer. Going above and beyond gives you the space to supply other profitable services within your niche.

Remember: every client has a minimum of a couple of referrals in them. Push for these: not only are you spending zero dollars in marketing, you’ve already done great work, therefore the least they will do is provide you with a reputation.

6. It’s never about the money

You could start over 6,000 businesses with $100. for instance , starting a network marketing business is simple . It’s even simpler to require options on property. In fact, I’ve taken whole blocks of apartments with a $100 option and traded these properties.

But it’s never about the quantity of cash you’ve got . It’s about how good the thought is. It’s about your team, venture partners, and money partners who will assist you with the transaction. It’s about your deep knowledge and understanding of the marketplace which will transition you to liberation.

7. Robo-Advisor

We understand that with $100 for investment, affording a broker fee isn’t a simple job. during this case you’ll choose the robo-advisor. Get the danger tolerance and your goals entered correctly in your computer and let the robo-advisor come up with the acceptable solution. it’ll select the investment, based upon the input you’ve got provided.

8. Saving Account

Saving accounts may appear to be the boring investment but believe me they’re completely safe. You don’t need to leave the cash here for long period, just reserve it here till the quantity become enough to place it into the opposite investments that are high yielding.

9. Lending Club

This could be another great choice to make the investment in. Lending Club is essentially a peer-to-peer lending, where borrowing and lending takes place between the standard folks. this is often one among the most important online market within the world, that connects the investors and borrowers.

10. Dividend Stocks

Companies that are stable and doing well within the market on regular basis, may offer the dividends to the stockholders. If you’re buying only one stock and it’s the dividend stock, then you’ll easily re-invest in dividends and may also buy some more stocks. By doing this you’re increasing your portfolio and your checking account is additionally not getting depleted. Hence, making it the good investment option.

11. Short-term cash Investments

CDs and market provides the protection of your cash against the market risk and also keeping it safe, in order that you are doing not spend it. Your funds are engaged here for a selected period, it might be for years of weeks. The return are going to be larger if the committed duration of the cash is longer.

12. Emergency Funds

$100 might be best invested in emergency funds. Though emergency funds don’t actually count to be an investment, but it could convince be of great help when some surprise expenses occur. it’s recommended to possess the emergency funds for three to six months of the living expense of an individual . This money could convince be a boon, just in case you don’t have anything saved for the emergency.

13. Investing in Yourself

This is the simplest sort of investment. you’ll spend the cash to find out some specific skills, you’ll join the creative classes or can take admission during a course. By doing this, you’ll ultimately become eligible for various jobs, improving your power of earning. during this way the tiny amount of $100 could easily be happen into the larger and lifelong investment.

Invest $100 Regularly and Make It A Fortune In India

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