How To Make Money From eBooks Online In India

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Making money is when you use your own time and energy and a bit of creativity once, and obtain paid over and over and once again . Making money puts you within the driver’s seat. It allows you to be independent, not contingent somebody else controlling your wealth potential on a regular basis.

What Are Ebooks?

Ebooks are, well, books. But in a format where they will be delivered or downloaded online. you’ll write them yourself, employ writers, use property right content, and make your ebooks from many sources. And almost any subject are often covered — even as many, if less , than what a standard publisher might release because you’ll tailor your tomes to niche markets. Travel guides, how-to manuals, mystery, romance, fantasy , self-help, technology, religions… almost any subject is target as long as there’s a market of ready buyers.
(One of the simplest ways to see for is to scan the bestseller lists on Amazon. And not just the general list but also those for categories and subcategories.)

Also, you won’t need to believe an editor or publisher telling you whether a book are going to be published. And you won’t need to believe a bookstore to place your book on its shelves. You’re in complete control of the whole process.

In fact, you’re getting to handle everything yourself, including marketing and selling. which means you get to stay all the profits. They’re nothing to sneeze at.

Self-published authors have had big success in recent years. Take Hugh Howey, who sold a series of fantasy books through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. At one point, he was selling 20,000 — 30,000 copies a month, which generated $150,000 in income monthly. Amanda Hocking, who writes “paranormal romance” and fantasy novels, has sold well quite a million books on Amazon, generating over $2 million in sales. That’s proof that you simply can make money self-publishing on Amazon.

How To Write An Ebook and Make Money

When you’re preparing to become an ebook author and write your next book, it’s important to plan first. Whether you write fiction or have a non fiction book planned, you would like to believe your niche.

Most successful writers don’t get their with the scattershot approach. they’re writers or marketers who are writing ebooks during a specific niche or area.

This is why the design stage is so important before writing your next Kindle ebook.

1. Develop a niche

When you believe Stephen King, you automatically know which niche he has filled. If you’re trying to find a horror novel, you would possibly be inclined to specifically hunt down one among King’s books.

If you wanted to read a historical romance, you’d probably do a double-take if you saw his name alongside an outline of a Fabio-esque gentleman and a swooning maiden wearing hoop skirts.


This is one among the teachings from traditional publishing that also applies to writing ebooks successfully.

Why a niche is important

One of the most reasons a distinct segment is vital is that it makes it easier to determine yourself as an authority on your subject. you almost certainly know tons a few few topics and a touch about many topics.

Let’s say you’re a nurse who works during a general pediatric office. a number of the topics you likely know tons about might include what it takes to become a nurse, children’s vaccinations, and customary childhood illnesses.

You also probably know a touch about things like specific heart ailments, bone problems in children, and head trauma.

Could you write an ebook about children’s vaccines? What would make it different from what’s already out there?

Plenty of doctors and worried parents have already written books on the topic. this might be a neighborhood where people view you as underqualified or unnecessary.

But maybe since you’re a parent additionally to being a nurse, you’ll write on how you, as a parent, had to weigh the risks and benefits of vaccinations. you’ll write on how you overcame any fears that you simply had about vaccines. you’ll present yourself as an authority on both the nursing angle and the parental angle.

2. Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime Borrows

If your eBook is enrolled in Amazon’s KDP Select program, Amazon Prime members and Kindle Unlimited members can read your book for free. But even though the customer doesn’t pay, Amazon can pay you supported what percentage pages of your book they read!

Most authors earn around $1-$2 whenever a customer reads their book this way, which can mean pile if your eBook becomes popular on Amazon.

3. Lead Generation

When you divulge your book for free, you’re turning random people into prospects who know you, like you, and trust you. you’ll then convert those readers into lifelong fans, email subscribers, and paying customers.

Most businesses are willing to pay a fortune to get leads, but you’ll do it for free of charge by simply making a gift of your book!

4. Free Marketing and Exposure

Once you’ve got a book published and available online, there are thousands of websites which will promote your free book.

It’s also tons easier to get bloggers, influences, and customers to speak about and share your book if it’s free.

5. Write your eBook to a high standard

The longer and energy you set into your eBook, the higher it’ll be – and thus the more you’ll charge for it.

To create a high-quality eBook, you’ll got to be willing to spend months (or even years!) writing it, then proofreading and editing multiple drafts until it’s up to scratch.

write eBook

Using free software to edit your eBook can hugely help to enhance its quality.

We suggest downloading Grammarly to form sure you’re writing is free from spelling and grammar errors. And, attempt to get feedback on your writing from as many people as you’ll along the way.

The writing process might take a short time , but it’ll be worthwhile to supply a high-quality text. Not only will this mean you’ll add a better asking price to your eBook, but your readers also will be more likely to recommend it to people they know, meaning (hopefully) more sales.

We’ve written a full guide to writing and publishing your eBook to assist you start.

6. Choose the best-value publishing platform for you

Once your eBook’s ready for publication (yay!), the diligence is almost over. subsequent step to require when considering how best to monetize your eBook is to research which publishing platform you’ll make the foremost money on.

best platform

For an in-depth rundown of the leading sites, have a glance through our guide to the simplest eBook publishing platforms.

The guide includes info about Smash-words, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Apple iBooks Author, also as some alternatives to using publishing platforms.

7. Develop a marketing strategy for your eBook

Just as it pays off to spend time writing your eBook to as high a typical as you’ll , it is also worth putting a good amount of your energy into marketing your eBook.

To make money from your work, it’s super important to get the word out there, and your eBook marketing needn’t cost you a penny.

Social media may be a hugely powerful marketing tool, so it’s worth fixing professional accounts across major platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which will be focused on promoting your published eBook.

For inspiration, have a glance at how your favorite authors present themselves online. Often, with successful writing accounts, you’ll see an honest balance between posts about day-to-day life as a writer, with promotional posts about their books interspersed throughout.

On top of this, it is also worth making a website together with your writing portfolio that links bent where to shop for your eBook.

Plus, you’ll contact book clubs on to see if they might have an interest in reading your text at a reduced price.

8. Publish a series of eBooks

If you publish a successful eBook and end up with a growing audience, you’ll consider writing an entire series of texts built round the same characters or themes.

The best ways to approach writing an eBook series would depend upon the character of your work (i.e. fiction or non-fiction), but stick with your instincts about what feels right. believe whether it might be a natural progression for your eBook to become a part of a series of works.


For example, if your first eBook was a completely unique about someone’s first year of uni, readers would likely be keen to read follow-up stories about the student’s adventures in their second and third years too.

Make sure that, if you are doing write a follow-up text, it’s written to an equally high-quality because the first. And, above all, confirm any future eBooks within a series all have their own artistic value, and are not purely written for the cash .

You could make a good amount extra money by writing follow-on eBooks, but as long as your readers consider them to be worth their time and cash. Otherwise, you’ll be watching complaints, refunds and poor reviews, and no author wants that.

How To Make Money From eBooks Online In India

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