How To Create Money With Toluna Surveys

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What is Toluna and how does it work?

Toluna is a web community platform that lists frequent surveys you’ll complete reciprocally for rewards.

Toluna make money

Users that fill in these surveys are referred to as ‘Toluna Influences’ – so-called because the surveys you complete are employed by major brands to assist them find out what they’re doing right, what they’re doing wrong and what they ought to be doing.

Toluna offers two sorts of surveys: profile surveys, which take a moment or two to finish and are worth 100 points, and longer surveys, which last 10 to twenty minutes and are worth more.

Profile surveys

Profile surveys are designed to find out more about you so Toluna can send the foremost relevant surveys your way. for instance , in one profile survey about cell phones, I said I had an iPhone — so Toluna probably won’t invite me to require surveys about Androids. These surveys exist on Toluna’s website.

Longer surveys

You can access Toluna’s longer surveys by choosing from a spread of categories — like lifestyle, food and cars — on its intuitive “survey center” page. Click on a category, and you’ll be directed to a page describing an available survey. once I clicked on the “lifestyle” category, for instance , the page showed me the survey topic “entertainment,” also because the number of points I could earn and therefore the estimated time for completion. These surveys typically take you to a third-party site.

Profile surveys help boost your success

You’re qualified for or disqualified from surveys supported your demographics, possessions and other factors. In my case, being a 20-something female living in an populated area might or won’t be what certain survey providers are trying to find .

I attempted 53 surveys and qualified for 17, which may be a 32% success rate. That’s above the speed of eight of the opposite 11 survey sites we tested. This rate doesn’t count profile surveys, which you can’t depend upon as a long-term source of points because there’s only alittle number of them.

How much money can you make with Toluna?

It’s hard to place a particular number on your potential earnings, as what proportion you get out of Toluna quite depends on what proportion you set in.

That said, it’s safe to mention that surveys are undoubtedly the most important and most reliable thanks to earn rewards on Toluna.

Their FAQs state that every one pays between 15–50,000 points (depending on its length), but we’ve found that the majority of the surveys available to us pay 1,000–2,000 points (though a few were but half this, et al. were up to twenty ,000).

Judging by the amount of points required to shop for each value of a present card, it seems that £1 is approximately 5,500 points.

You can only live to PayPal in £35 instalments – if you would like to redeem points for a worth below this, you will have to travel for a present card (or one among the random items they sell, but we’d argue that they are not worth spending your hard-earned points on).

A few of the vouchers are for outlets that sell just about everything (Tesco and Amazon specifically), so if you choose these, your gift card will basically be nearly as good as cash.

What’s more, supported the amount of points required to shop for each value of gift voucher, the Tesco and Amazon credits compute as better value than the £35 PayPal payout anyway!

Best ways to earn points on Toluna

Toluna surveys

As we touched on above, surveys are at the guts of Toluna’s offerings. They’re the foremost lucrative and reliable way of earning Toluna points, and there are usually multiple surveys available for you to finish at any given time.

The surveys are uploaded by brands who then use the responses to tell their work, and that they cover an entire host of topics.

We’ve seen surveys on personal banking, shopping habits, films, travel, sports and loads more, and every one is listed alongside the amount of points on offer, also because the time it’ll fancy complete.

There are two benefits to completing Toluna surveys: the most one being that the more you are doing , the more you will be rewarded. But on top of that, the more surveys you complete, the more Toluna will send you – and therefore the more relevant to you they’ll be.

Complete your profile surveys

Under the ‘Surveys’ tab at the highest of the screen, you will find an option called ‘Profile surveys’. Unsurprisingly, these surveys help to offer Toluna a far better idea of the type of person you’re , also as what you’re curious about .

There are 13 profile surveys in total, with all paying up to 100 points and taking a few of minutes apiece. you’ll only complete each survey once, and it is best to do so once you first check in to Toluna as going forward it should mean you’re only presented with surveys relevant to you.

Vote in sponsored polls

Head to the ‘Surveys’ tab at the highest of the screen once more and you will find an option for ‘Sponsored Content’.

This will redirect you to the polls within the community which have a points reward (usually 15 points apiece) and every poll takes just a few of seconds to finish .

We’ve found that the list can sometimes contain some polls without a points reward, therefore the trick is to see that there is a points value next to the ‘Vote!’ button, instead of the amount of individuals who have already voted.

Post in the Toluna community

Raced through all the sponsored polls? Worry not! There are still a couple of more ways to earn points within the Toluna community – perhaps the foremost lucrative of which is to start out posting your own content.

There is, however, a caveat: not all user-generated content are going to be rewarded, and Toluna say that they value quality over quantity. Toluna themselves choose which pieces of content get rewarded, gifting up to 1,000 points for every piece.

How To Create Money With Toluna Surveys

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