Best Ways To Invest Money During Leisure Time

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Making money is when you use your own time and energy and a bit of creativity once, and obtain paid over and over and once again. Making money puts you within the driver’s seat. It allows you to be independent, not contingent somebody else controlling your wealth potential on a regular basis.

Indian Railways Agent

Working as an agent for Indian Railways is that the best thanks to make money fast. you’ve got two options here: enrol as agent with Indian Railways by paying a deposit of Rs.20,000. you’ll need a store or can operate from home.



Caregivers are of varied kinds. In recent years, care-giving has become business in metro cities in India.

Usually, caregivers make about Rs.20,000 per month, depending upon your location. it’s a noble thanks to earn money and helps nuclear families to worry for elderly.

Drive for Uber or Ola

If you’ve got an honest vehicle, drive part-time for Uber or Ola. There are some debates about profitability of this work thanks to loss making operations in certain cities by these giant cab operators.

However, you’ll earn average Rs.600 daily. you’ll make money fast by driving longer.

Share Your Car

Also for those having an honest car in India, it’s possible to make money fast by sharing the vehicle. Nowadays there are several online platforms where you’ll register to share your car.

This allows you to chop costs on personal transport from home to workplace and make extra cash .

Write articles online

you’ll spend 2 to 4 hours during a week to write down 2 articles per week. you ought to be conversant in the topic what you’re writing. you ought to write with interest and keenness . There are various platforms where you’ll write articles and earn money. a number of them are Squidoo, Hub-pages etc., you’ll refer our detailed article on ways to earn money in India by writing articles.

Create a blog/website

If you’ll spend $ 100 / Rs 5,000 once a year , you’ll set-up your own blog/website. you’ll write any posts or articles of your interest. there’s a difference between writing articles on other websites Vs your website. In your website, you’re the CEO, you own everything and you enjoy all the advantages . If you’re passionate, you’ll create your own world and ‘world’ would view you each day. There are various ways to earn money from your blog. you’ll refer our article on ways to earn money in India by creating a blog/website.

Teach something you know

one among my friends may be a techie working in an IT company. he’s expert in what he’s doing. He spends his free time during weekend on Saturday and Sunday for two to 4 hours and conducts training classes for engineering students. He earns anywhere between Rs 5,000 to Rs 8,000 per month. He says I’m spending time on what i’m interested and money has come on its way.

Sell something on eBay

I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t know eBay. we will sell anything on eBay. Sometimes we’d like not own a product but still we will sell it on eBay. There are various strategies to achieve success in eBay selling. Why don’t you are trying this manner to earn money, once you are free during a day or during weekend?

Earn through YouTube

There are various students, housewives who record the videos of what they like and are earning money through YouTube. See our detailed article on this subject. Some people claim they’re earning $ 1,000 / Rs 50,000 per month, I’m unsure because it would depend upon what’s your content and the way far the viewers would answer that.

Make money through your hobbies

does one like music, dancing etc. Why don’t you switch these hobbies and make money. One university student involves our neighbors’ house to show dancing to their daughter and charges Rs 3,000 per month to teach for an hour. If you’ve got 3 hours during a day and conduct 2 sessions during a day, you’ll earn Rs 6,000 per month.

Working as an affiliate

Earning money through this method may be a little tough, but if you’re successful, you’d get very high income. you’ll work as an affiliate member and recommend products to anybody you recognize . It are often through e-mail, Facebook, YouTube or through any blog. When someone does transaction, you’d get handsome commission with these affiliate programs.

Tiffin Service

For those residing in metro cities, starting a tiffin service is that the surest thanks to make money fast in India. Thousands of working women and men are unable to cook thanks to long commutes and social engagements.

Hence, they depend on tiffin services for lunch and dinner. you’ll find how popular they’re before launching.Depending upon what you serve and locality, you’ll agitate to Rs.150 per meal.

Drop shipping

You might not have heard of drop-shipping. So here are basic details. Drop-shipping means you book orders from customers online. And buy the things from drop-shipping websites like

You get many great stuff at very low prices. Add mark-up, pay the manufacturer who sells at bulk rate. The manufacturer also will deliver the merchandise on your behalf.

Best Ways To Invest Money During Leisure Time

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