Best Ways How To Save Money In Iceland

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Buy Your Alcohol in the Duty-Free Store

Alcohol prices are extremely high in Iceland, therefore the very first thing you would like to believe once you land in Keflavik Airport is to refill within the duty-free store.

save money in iceland

Each person travelling into the country has an alcohol allowance of 6 units which suggests that you simply can, for instance , buy a bottle of spirits, a bottle of wine and a six-pack of beer before reaching your limit.

And don’t worry, you will not need to knock it all back by yourself during a dark hotel room; consuming alcohol outside is allowed in Iceland so you’re always liberal to drink your beer and wine in Reykjavík’s parks when the weather is good .

Don’t Shop in 10-11

The most expensive grocery in Iceland is 10-11. Shopping there’ll add a minimum of 50% to your grocery bill from as compared to the low price stores like Nettó, Bónus, and Krónan. Though they’re convenient and plentiful, your wallet will many thanks for fixing the trouble to travel to a more affordable shop.

For locals, the primary rule of buying groceries in Iceland is to never be enticed by the luminous green sign of a 10-11. Secondly, if you absolutely must to travel to at least one , confirm it’s during the day, as they jack the costs from many products in the dark .

Never Buy drinking water

The best drink Iceland runs freed from charge from every faucet, which suggests that by buying drinking water you’re falling victim to at least one of the worst tourist traps in Iceland.

The quality of Icelandic water is remarkable, and you’ll invite free water practically everywhere. you ought to , therefore, never need to buy water in Iceland unless you’re in dire need of a container to refill for free of charge for the rest of your holiday. Just let the cold water run; it is the same water that’s being bottled.

Not only will this ease your budget, but your environmental impact.

Take Advantage of Happy Hours

With some bars going as far as charging over €10 for a pint of their most elementary draught, visiting Icelandic pubs can quite quickly eat away your holiday savings. you ought to , therefore, tread the local way of drinking during happy hours.

Many Icelandic bars and restaurants offer discounted beer and wine from as early as 15:00 to as late as 21:00 a day .


Iceland is one among the simplest and safest countries within the world for hitchhikers. you’ll find rides throughout the country (though they’re less common within the West Fjords and through the off-season). It’s especially easy within the southern a part of Iceland, between Reykjavik and Vik.

Though harder, it’s also not impossible to seek out a ride within the off-season or within the sparsely populated north. I hitchhiked within the Westfjords and it often took me an hour or more to seek out a ride. However, within the south, you’ll rarely wait quite 15-20 minutes.

One way to seek out rides is to ask around in hostels. Travelers are usually driving the most bypass (M1) and, since gas is dear , they typically don’t mind picking someone up you’ll contribute for gas.

When on the road hitchhiking, do your best to seem presentable. confirm your face are often seen, that you’re smiling, which you don’t have an excessive amount of luggage with you. Solo travelers or pairs will have the simplest luck. Hitchhiking in groups usually should be avoided because the cars here are small and there’s often less than one or two seats free.


Campgrounds are often found everywhere Iceland. you’ll camp in official campgrounds for $15-20 USD per night for a basic plot (a flat space for your tent, usually without electricity). Many campgrounds have common rooms in order that , if the weather is terrible, you’ll stay indoors and stay dry.

Additionally, some hostels also will allow you to pitch your tent on their property. That way, you’ll have even more facilities/amenities at your disposal.

Camping is significantly cheaper than staying in hostels if you’ve got your own gear and bag . However, there are rental outfitters in Reykjavik if you don’t. While renting gear will make camping costlier , the costs are faraway from prohibitive when split between alittle group.

Wild camping, while still legal in Iceland, is usually frowned upon because the recent tourist boom has led to far too many travelers abusing the country’s lax camping laws. Unless you’re visiting within the off-season, i might not recommend you wild camp.

Bring Your Own Tea and occasional

Tea, coffee, or cocoa cost 500–900 ISK — even regular coffee or a teabag you set into predicament yourself will cost that much! If you bring your own, you’ll limit the days you’ve got to shop for it and save yourself a couple of kronur.

Best Ways How To Save Money In Iceland

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