Best Colors That Make People Want To Spend Money

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Which Colors Attract Customers?


Are there specific colors that make people want to spend money? What colors will encourage your prospects to require action? the specified action might be buying your product, contributing to your cause, applying to your company, joining your faith-based organization, or calling you for services. In terms of conversion, does color matter?

Yes! There’s ample evidence that color affects mood. Blue is calming, red is intense. And moods affect action. But will your choice of color for your promotional pen or other giveaway item really affect your chances of getting a customer, donation, or committed employee? You bet! Colors signal response.

Following are these colors to consider:

Red: the color for Action

You’ll see an intense red utilized in logos of companies whose brands are about action, like Coca Cola , CNN, and therefore the Red Cross . Use bright red for your giveaway if your brand’s adrenaline-driven, from something serious like saving lives or seriously fun like winning a game.

In other settings, red is best utilized in moderation. an excessive amount of red is like typing altogether caps or using exclamation points at the top of each sentence. If you would like the richness without the “stop sign” edge, choose a darker red.

Red in your giveaway gets your customers’ attention and helps motivate action driven by intensity or urgency.

Blue: the color for Credibility

Blue connotes calm, and sometimes cold. If your brand’s about being trustworthy, conservative, or traditional, consider blue. Note that companies that use blue in their branding are often looking to position themselves as rock solid in industries which will provoke anxiety (think taxes and doctors’ visits!). American Express, Blue Cross, Boeing, and PayPal use blue.

If this seems like you, consider the color blue to draw in customers. Accent it with yellow to determine trust with a lighter side (like WalMart does).

Blue in your giveaway helps establish calm and credibility among your audience and incentivizes action based upon confidence and trust.

Green: the color for Healing

Green’s still the color of money but today it’s even as often the color of Eco-friendly companies, causes, and products. Companies like Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Land Rover use green to imply a natural or outdoor orientation.

If your brand is about what’s natural—whether that’s the environment, healthiness , or healing, green sends the message.

You may already be Eco-friendly, or perhaps you’re marketing a replacement business and need to lend your name to the great , green fight. In either case, a touch green in your giveaway signals to customers that you simply have an earth-friendly orientation and this encourages conscience-driven action.


What does one believe once you have the color black in your mind? Well, I’m sure you think that of something luxuries, precious; well, your customers do too.

They associate this color with something expensive, that’s why this makes even cheap lipsticks and blushes seems more upscale. Black is understood because the “signature color of sophistication”.


This color is related to a reasonable , yet good quality, which is why customers can find it at stores offering good value (such as Home Depot and Payless). The effect that orange has on people depends though on the variations you employ and therefore the colors you mix it with – for the simplest effect, you ought to combine it with complementary colors.

This color would be one among the simplest choices in restaurants, cafes and occasional shops, because it encourages the social communication and conversation, also because it encourages people to eat more.


This is somehow a shade of red, being a dark red color. It makes people believe something luxuries, rich and refined. So, if you would like your customers to spend more (for example during a wine shop), confirm you cover some products -like a Merlot bottle, for instance- during a burgundy duvet, and you’ll be assured that they’re going to covet that thing quite if it would’ve been in, let’s say, white or something. Burgundy’s cousin, brown, also has luxury connotations, almost like its relative.


According to a search published within the Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, pink-but not all its shades, the one that’s on the brink of bubble gum-have calming effects .

Scientists found that once they see pink, people’s endocrine systems get slower and their tense muscles are tranquilized. You’re brooding about how which may influence your customers’ wallets? Feeling relaxed may make it less painful to “splash the cash”.


When people see this color, they believe royalty. Being related to royalty and nobility, purple creates an impact of luxury, wealth and extravagance. it’s known that purple may be a color which features a supremacy within the beauty industry, especially when it involves anti-aging products. In consequence, a purple box may help urge your customers that the merchandise isn’t ordinary-it has special properties, furthermore it’s worth a princely sum.


This is actually a non-color, which suggests, in branding, simplicity and purity (that’s why 75% of top skin-care brands accompany white packages). White color also stands for modernity and honesty.

So…Which Colors Attract Customers?

Depends on the customer. and therefore the company! When it involves colors that make people want to spend money, consider the entire package. Use the color that accentuates what your brand stands for and what you offer your customer.

If you’re a life assurance company offering peace of mind, try a blue background. If you’re a vegan restaurant offering restorative food, consider a touch green. If you’re a security company offering home protection, maybe a spot of red.

Best Colors That Make People Want To Spend Money

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